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Sukere Unique Features of Bulk SMS Services in Chennai

Instant Delivery

Sukere assures instant delivery of your messages irrespective of the number of messages followed up by report updation.

Zero set-up cost

Sukere assures to zero set-up costs or No hidden costs for all its services. Hence, you can easily setup without any upfront.

Pricing Strategy

Sukere guaranteed for quality service at competitive prices according to the industry standards.

User-friendly SMS Portal

Sukere offers a user-friendly and hassle-free international standard SMS portal which provides a perfect platform for the clients to start sending messages right away.

Wide range of New Features

Sukere provides various features like dynamic SMS, group SMS, Pre-scheduled SMS and unicode (for multilingual language) to suit the business needs of the clients.

Android App for Free of Cost

Sukere BulkSMS App turn your Android mobile device into an Interface for sending SMS. Features like sending bulk sms to your mobiles contacts & groups, tracking reports, etc.,

Integrate Excel

Our exclusive SMS Excel plugin helps to send SMS directly from the Excel Sheet.  You can be organize the database in the worksheet and can be send huge number of SMS by just one click, it saves a lot of time in your peak production hours.

Group SMS

Group messaging or Group SMS is an apt choice for clients to customize their messages to deliver to set of people. Our Bulk SMS application allows the user to create multiple groups. You can send thousands of messages at a stretch to the specified Groups.

Personlized SMS

Sukere provides the option to sending Dynamic SMS or Customized SMS in bulk basis for its clients. This option will allows to a client can send different content to different receptionists at once, it seems to be personalized sms not like bulk post.


Sukere Bulk SMS application supports 14 Indian languages to enable you to send SMS using Unicode Character set. This helps to reach and communicate to people in their own Language & tone.


API’s are a way of connecting client’s website or application to Sukere messaging platform. It facilitates automated SMS delivery to the desired mobile number from your application.

Scheduled SMS

Customers can schedule their SMS by assigning a post date and time to be send. The message can be uploaded and the date and time can be specified, used for automatic remainder, alerts etc.,

Custom Templates

You can save your content as template format in our online bulk sms portal and you can use it anytime later to sending messages.

Tracking & Reporting

Receive granular reporting on the key aspects of your campaign such as sent, delivered, undelivered, expired, DND, etc.,

Customer Support

Sukere assures 24 x 7 customer support for all the services offered by us. We have a dedicated team working round the clock to assist our clients.

Bulk SMS is proven to be cheapest mode of marketing and sharing information. Many companies/ business are benefited from our bulk SMS marketing service to reach millions of users in time. SMS marketing campaigns used to send your promotions, alerts, verifications, notifications and SMS competition. Our Bulk SMS solution also lets you send personalized bulk text messages according to specific triggers. We also offer Group Management & message scheduling functionality. With Sukere you can enjoy the latest technology trend development like Sending Messages through your Android Smart Phone by our Sukere BulkSMS App.

Benefits of Bulk SMS Services

  • SMS is Personal, it goes straight to the recipient’s mobile phone.
  • An SMS message can reach a customer wherever they are.
  • The message is literally delivered directly into their hand.
  • SMS messages can be scheduled to go out at a certain date and time.
  • Real time two-way SMS communication. Receive replies too.
  • You can get your message out efficiently to the required group.
  • You can send individual messages or group messages.
  • SMS can be stored for use at a later stage.
  • SMS can be forwarded.
  • SMS can be easily tracked using the delivery reports.
  • Your message gets across in 160 characters or less. Short and sweet.
  • You can send bulk SMS messages from your personal computer.
  • Out of signal range, the message will hit again within 48 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bulk SMS Services

What is Bulk SMS?

SMS is Short Messaging Service and Bulk SMS means delivery of messages in large numbers or in bulk instantly within a short period of time.

Who can send bulk SMS and what purpose?

People dealing in any business can send Bulk SMS for alerts, notifications and for marketing purposes. Also banks, financial institutions, colleges and schools can use this service for alerts, transactional notifications, etc.

What are the features of your service?

Our SMS platform has features like Group sms, API integration, Dynamic Personalized SMS, Excel Plugin, File upload, Instant Delivery report, Multilingual Unicode SMS option.

Do I require technical knowledge to send bulk SMS?

No. You don’t have to have any technical knowledge to avail our services. Just a computer/laptop and an internet connection is enough to send messages after registering with us.

When can I start sending messages?

You can start sending messages right after completing the registration process. You have to fill in the registration form in our website and can go through the demo panel to acquaint you with the process of sending messages.

Are long messages allowed?

Yes. The word-limit for the first SMS credit would be 160 and 145 from the second onwards.

What are the minimum SMS credits that I can purchase?

The minimum SMS credits that a customer can purchase are 10000.

What are the different payment methods?



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